DTAC is the second largest mobile telephone network in the kingdom of Thailand. DTAC plan to built 1,500 new sites and continuously expand it capacity for the existing site to cope with the rapid increase in demand of their customer.Our team member successfully deploy the project through out the East region of Thailand. We provide the full turn key service including transportation to site, installation, test, dismantle the old equipment and return it to DTAC warehouse. We also prepare the detail document for DTAC to assist them in inspection and PAT process.

DTAC TMA Upgrade

To improve their uplink signal and be able to serve customer by provide higher receiving signal and in the meantime expanding its coverage footprint as well. DTAC continue to install the TMA or MHA for its cellsite through out the year.LayerOne also have a capability to offer full services range of wireless site installation, live swap or upgrade such as battery replacement, rectifier live swap, add sector, add feeder cable, add antenna, BTS live swap, implement a new BTS site etc.

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