Company Profile

Founded by a group of telecom professionals that gather a lot of experiences in the industry through the expand of about 20 years starting from the plain original telephone network LCN phase 1 in early 1990, wireless network blooming during the mid 1990 until the recent convergence concept between data and voice using multi service access node (MSAN) technology or the incoming of the Wimax and 3G technology. Because of the mentioned experiences, LayerOne is certainly capable of providing the first class services to the satisfaction of our clients with the best possible quality in the timely basis. Our network of people, suppliers and subcontractor are extended through out the kingdom of Thailand which can help our client when the unexpected problems occurred during the deployment.

The old says “ Rome isn’t built in one day but brick by brick. We at LayerOne believe the same concept that the most reliable network have to be built from the ground up at Layer One—the physical layer. That is the our inspiration behind our company name.

Highly competent Staffs.

More than 20 yeras of     expereined in     telecommunications market.

Ethical and straight forward     personality.



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